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Antique Large Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring


Platinum engagement ring, narrow, high half round, tapered engraved shank with open back square bead setting, polished finish.


The item contains:

One bead set early brilliant cut diamond, clarity is "VS1", colour is "J".

Dimensions 7.2mm(Dia) x 3.9mm(D-estimated)

Total Weight 1.23ct


Ten bead set old and single cut diamonds, clarity is "VS2-SI", colour is "H".

Dimensions 1.4mm(L) x 1.4mm(W) x 0.85mm(D-estimated)

Total Weight 0.10ct calculated


Item Totals:

Total Item Weight 4.10gm

Total Gemstone Weight = 1.33ct

Total Metal Weight 3.84gm estimated

Ring size - O (can be resized and is included)

Discover the elegance and heritage of the Platinum Engagement Ring once worn by Eva Weichsel (nee Wolkowicz), a cherished heirloom from the late 19th century. Crafted in Manhattan, New York, this ring symbolises enduring love and a connection to a rich cultural legacy.

The ring was originally chosen by John Weichsel to propose to Eva in anticipation of their wedding on May 24, 1895, in New York City. John, an educator and influential figure in the arts community, co-founded a technical school and nurtured the People's Art Guild, becoming a notable art critic and patron.

Fashioned from platinum, this exquisite ring features a narrow, high half-round band with a tapered engraved shank and an open-back square bead setting, exuding a timeless polished finish. Its centrepiece is an old European cut (early brilliant cut) diamond, showcasing exceptional clarity (VS1) and a warm colour (J), measuring 7.2mm in diameter and estimated at 1.23 carats. Surrounding it are ten old and single cut diamonds, each meticulously bead-set, with clarity ranging from VS2 to SI and a colour grade of H, collectively weighing 0.10 carats.

The total weight of this heirloom-quality piece is 4.10 grams, with the total gemstone weight measuring 1.33 carats. The ring, currently sized O, can be resized to accommodate its new owner, ensuring it continues to be a cherished piece for generations to come.

Embrace the legacy of love and artistry embodied in this ring, a testament to enduring commitment and a vibrant cultural history that spans continents and centuries.

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Stone TypeDiamond
ConditionVery Good
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