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Cufflinks, Norway, Aksel Holmsen, Antique Enamel in beautiful red Guilloche enamel


Available now! Aksel Holmsen signed Norway Antique cufflinksin beautiful red  Enamel Guilloche enamel.  Sterling Silver gilt.  

Aksel Holmsen signed Norway Antique cufflinks in beautiful red  Enamel Guilloche enamel.  Sterling Silver gilt.  Available now.  These Norway Enamel cufflinks are made in typical style of the "Norne".  The Silver Bar connector is attached at either side to a swivel bar allowing one side to fold down for easy insertion into the cuff.  This is a sure indicator that one of the higher profile Nordic designers like Aksel Holmsen, David Andersen or Georg Jensen, have had a hand in the design. 

Note- it is not uncommon for the fixed bar in the centre of these links to occasionally have a "twist" or "bend" in the connector.  Although this would typically be considered as a type of damage it does not detract from the cufflinks or in the wearability of the links.  This type of bend is simply a result of normal wear as silver is a soft metal relative to brass, stainless steel or other non precious metals.  All items on this site are priced based on condition when shipped. 

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