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May 2019-  We got a mention in QReport! 10 Places to Buy Antique Jewellery in Australia

30 June 2018: Vintage Times has shifted our business to an appointment and online business model but fear not!  We are at the Vintage Times Rozelle / Balmain Studio most weekdays (weekends are available too) so making an appointment is a simple as a phone call. You can count on us to (make you a nice coffee and) provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Cult followings & Icons in watches - Imitation- Is it truly the most sincere form of flattery?

Antique or Vintage Engagement Ring? -2010- Explores the various design eras of jewellery and many reasons why to choose Vintage & Antique Rings over newly manufactured.

The History of Antique Engagement Rings - 2009- This article offers one view on the origins of the Engagement ring.

Vintage Times enamel cufflinks featured in The Age- 2009

"A History Of Cufflinks" - 2008- Offers a version of the history and origins of cufflinks.

"On the cuff" - Sydney Morning Herald-07 Apr 2007 - Article by James Cockington. NSW freelance journalist. - "On the cuff" -March 21, 2007 - Sydney Morning Herald.

"Time on your hands" - Sydney Morning Herald - 27, September 2006- Another great article by James Cockington "Time on your hands" -27/09/2006 - Sydney Morning Herald-

"A Bit Of Cuff" - Qantas Magazine -September 2007- Vintage Times featured in The Qantas in flight magazine.

Asia International Arts & Antiques Fair 2006 - 8 March 2006 - Our first international Fair - Hong Kong

"An Ace up his sleeve" - Arts and Antiques - May 2006 - Cufflinks feature -Arts and Antiques Magazine.

Part A -Cuff Trends- Omega wristwatches - 2004- Arts and Antiques - Australia

Part B - Cuff Trends- Cufflink Trends- 2004 -Arts and Antiques - Australia

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