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Vintage Times goes ONLINE / APPOINTMENT ONLY! July 1st, 2017 Vintage Times changed our business model to online or appointment only. Our office is located at our Sydney CBD Vault by appointment. For security reasons the Vault cannot grant entry to any persons unless previous notification has been given. Please contact us at or +61 (0)413 703 780 for an appointment to view our extensive Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewellery.

Vintage Times is hiring! 25, February 2013

Cult followings & Icons in watches - Imitation- Is it truly the most sincere form of flattery?

Antique or Vintage Engagement Ring? -2010- Explores the various design eras of jewellery and many reasons why to choose Vintage & Antique Rings over newly manufactured.

The History of Antique Engagement Rings - 2009- This article offers one view on the origins of the Engagement ring.

Vintage Times enamel cufflinks featured in The Age- 2009

"A History Of Cufflinks" - 2008- Offers a version of the history and origins of cufflinks.

"On the cuff" - Sydney Morning Herald-07 Apr 2007 - Article by James Cockington. NSW freelance journalist. - "On the cuff" -March 21, 2007 - Sydney Morning Herald.

"Time on your hands" - Sydney Morning Herald - 27, September 2006- Another great article by James Cockington "Time on your hands" -27/09/2006 - Sydney Morning Herald

"A Bit Of Cuff" - Qantas Magazine -September 2007- Vintage Times featured in The Qantas in flight magazine.

Asia International Arts & Antiques Fair 2006 - 8 March 2006 - Our first international Fair - Hong Kong

"An Ace up his sleeve" - Arts and Antiques - May 2006 - Cufflinks feature -Arts and Antiques Magazine.

Part A -Cuff Trends- Omega wristwatches - 2004- Arts and Antiques - Australia

Part B - Cuff Trends- Cufflink Trends- 2004 -Arts and Antiques - Australia

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